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Poor Little Timmy Fell Down The Well

July 11, 2003

Giant wanker Tim Freedman

FFWF reports that “The Whitlams” frontman and ALP campaigner Tim Freedman is still in need of government assistance despite being one of Australia’s most successful recording artists:

You might ask what’s wrong with Sydney band The Whitlams touring around Australia to add a few more notches to their belt? Well, if you look here you will find that lead singer Tim Freedman and the independent record company he co-owns, Black Yak Management, received a total of $70,000 in May 2003 from two separate federal government grants

Contempt for the general public has been a long-running theme of the Tim Freedman story. In an earlier interview on Foxtel’s “V” channel, Tim decides that anyone who votes for the coalition are a bunch of idiots, which is a hardening of his stance from previous interviews, where he felt sorry for the targets of brainwashing:

CH The LIberals have captured the youth vote in recent years. Does it ever strike you as odd having your audiences sing along to songs like Gough knowing that a significant proportion of them voted for the anti-Gough-John Howard?

TF I haven’t met anyone who voted LIberal (laughing) I’m sorry I’ve been living in sweet denial. I assume everyone who comes to our concerts votes Labor.

And I’m going to continue to live in sweet denial … Stop alarming me … They’ve probably just been brainwashed by their parents, the ones who are voting Liberal.

At least Tim has managed to overlook his hatred of the Liberals when it comes to the important things, like requesting government handouts.

Blog Updates

July 11, 2003

Glenn Slaven has a new blog using the Movable Type “Typepad” server.

Jon Ray’s blog turned 1 year old yesterday.

Poor Perth Pub Produces Pee Porn

July 11, 2003

Perth drinking establishments can’t sell enough beer at $15 a pint to stay open, so one young entrepreneur has come up with new, more profitable activities:

A BAR manager installed a spy camera in the women’s toilets to catch graffiti vandals or drug dealers rather than for personal gratification, Perth Magistrate’s Court was told yesterday.

Nathan Brett Hodder, 28, of Thornlie, pleaded guilty to unlawful use of an optical surveillance device to record a private activity to which he was not a party.

The court was told that the camera was found hidden in an air vent above a cubicle in the women’s public toilets at the Lucky Shag Bar in Barrack Square.

I can’t believe I’ve lived here so long and never heard of the “Lucky Shag Bar”. A fact-finding mission may be warranted.