Norman Speaks

Comments junkie Norman Hanscombe has finally bitten the bullet and written a full post as a guest blogger on Road to Surfdom. His first up effort is a fine review of the supernatural powers of psychic historian Lyndall Ryan:

When pushed on the TV programme about the difference between 4 and 100, Lyndall “explained” the additional 96 by saying, “Well, I think by the way in which Oxley wrote, that he seemed to think there had been a great loss of life from [sic] the Aborigines.” So Lyndall thought that Oxley thought that an extra 96 deaths took place? I suspect Oxley wouldn’t be impressed with her “thinking”. Lyndall apparently has similar psychic powers to those of Daphne, the housekeeper in TV’s “Frazier” series

Read the whole thing.

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