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Perth Pube-Free

July 15, 2003

There’s barely a curly hair left in the state after a record breaking achievement in Perth yesterday:

A PERTH beauty therapist has set a hair-erasing world record – bikini waxing 130 people in four hours.

Lareesa Guttery had no trouble trashing the previous record of 77, but getting volunteers wasn’t so easy.

“At one point we actually ran out,” said Ms Guttery, who had planned to wax 100.

“We had to go out into the mall, and persuade people to come in and get waxed.”

The attempt took place on a Monday in order to avoid massive fines for Sunday Trading in WA.

Friendly Greetings From Kim

July 15, 2003

Steve Edwards posts a transcript from Lateline containing a friendly message from North Korea:

TONY JONES: You’ve just suggested that, if the United States were to involve themselves intercepting North Korean ships or aeroplanes, that in actual fact there would be a nuclear strike on the United States, is that correct?

KIM MYONG CHOL: That’s right.

TONY JONES: Are you saying the same thing about Australia?