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Tiny Tot Tattoos

July 17, 2003

For the child that has everything (except a parent with a brain), you can’t go past Baby Ink – The store that caters exclusively to child-abusing assholes!

Baby Ink has kindly answered some of your questions in advance:

At what age can my child get a tattoo?

Legally, anyone can get body art as long as their parent or guardian signs a consent form. However, Baby Ink will not work on anyone under 6 months of age, as their sensitive skin does not react well to the ink.

How considerate of them.

Found at Kiwi Pete’s

I Suck

July 17, 2003

After staring at my screen for hours last night, I eventually gave up and went to bed, unable to find anything suitably interesting to blog about. I think the semester break slack-fest is to blame. It’s not that I don’t want to blog either… and it’s not like I’m busy doing anything else.

I guess this is what they call “writer’s block”. Or in my case, “bored unemployed student’s block”. Can someone start another war or something? I need material!

If anyone wants to fire me up by suggesting topics or calling me names in the comments box, go right ahead.


p.s. Geoff Gallop also sux.