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Bloggers Needed. Degree Preferred…

July 21, 2003

Adam points to a new position available at Google, offering customer support for the new Blogger service. I gave the ad a quick scan to see how qualified I would be for the position.

Of course, the position is in California, so I’m not actually going to apply, but this is an exercise I like to do anyway, just to confirm that I may possibly get a job one day.

Skills and experiences you’ll need to do the job well:

Have kept a blog* for at least 6 months and be passionate about online, personal publishing.

Seems to make sense. After all, it’s a blogging-specific position. Having run a blog yourself could come in quite handy…

Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

I have never seen a job ad that didnt specify this requirement. Why is it even necessary to ask? Surely the interviewer could tell if a person’s communications skills aren’t up to scratch?

Ability to collaborate across multiple departments and groups.

Wouldn’t this come under “Being a functioning member of society”?

Prior customer service experience.

This could be actually useful. On the other hand, serving customers isn’t exactly rocket science. This is kind of related to “communication skills”.

Knowledge of HTML, CSS, FTP and personal web hosting.

An actual skill! It’s good to know that skills are sometimes still required to get jobs nowadays.

This next one is the kicker though…

BS/BA preferred.

Ah the good old “Must have degree, even if unrelated to job in any way” clause. Now, it’s only preferred, which is code for “We’ll take the degree in a close race”, but even so…

In what way would having a random degree in science or arts make you a better customer service officer? If I have a bachelor of science in Horticulture, why am I more qualified than the guy who blogged away while mowing lawns for a living?

It’s probably nice for the guy who just graduated from his 3 year investigation into Women’s Issues to know that he is now qualified to email people and tell them where they stuffed their code up, but did it really make him a better programs co-ordinator?

It really puzzles me no end why employers insist on having every employee being university educated. Wouldn’t it be more important to have someone who actually knows what they are doing and works hard? Who’s going to be the better employee…The 21 year old who’s been working at Blockbuster for the last 4 years while running the Video Blog, or a 21 year old who recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy? I know who I’d pick.

It’s because of this mentality that the university system is such a drain on public money. People feel they have to attend university just to get ANY kind of job. It’s a pretty common practice to just apply for whatever course is easiest in the hope of graduating with little fuss and finally making it to the workforce in 3-4 years time. The vast majority of graduates never again use a single thing they learned in their studies in the workplace.

In my view the companies that demand every last shitkicker have a degree are just as much at fault as anyone in perpetuating the degree inflation that is spiralling out of control everywhere you look. The thing I can’t work out is…what’s in it for them?

The only people that stand to gain anything from the irrelevant degree factories are the faux academics that teach them. The losers are, as usual, the taxpaying public AND companies that fund them with their taxes.

You have to practice what you preach. The same business leaders that decry the public funding of humanities and other such degrees of little relevance are the ones that hire “recruitment consultants” who invariably value a meaningless degree higher than any actual skill or aptitude testing.

Here’s a thought: How about hiring people on merit rather than making them jump through infinite hoops? Unless, of course, you are running a circus, where hoop jumping would be a useful skill. Note: You now need a degree to join a circus.

Killing Conservatives Not That Bad

July 21, 2003

A Dutch blogger reports that the sentence for the murderer of Pim Fortuyn has been finalised: 18 years, out in 11.

He also has a short summation of Fortuyn’s policies and political career prior to his assassination here.

Muse Identified

July 21, 2003

Hemingway knew it all along…

It was something to do with the performances of Bell and Farmer that got me on the country footy track. Bell grew up in Kojonup, and Jeff Farmer in Tambellup, which are a short stone’s throw from glorious Dumbleyung. A fine effort from the wheatbelt.

Also making news in Tambellup is the Tambellup Tiger….which appears to be a kelpie that saw the wrong end of a woolpack stencil. I think the “offspring of a thylacine and kelpie” theory can be discarded since, unlike a dingo, the Thylacine is not a dog, and therefore can’t easily breed with animals that are dogs.

Nevertheless, there are numerous tales in the wheatbelt of large carnivores prowling around. Even my dear old Dad has a bigass sheep eating monster story. He never saw an animal, mind you. What he did see on one trip around the paddocks one day was a large footprint in the vicinity of some half eaten sheep. Always the quick thinker, Dad got the extraordinarily overfed red cloud kelpie to stick her paw in the mark for comparison. It was about 3 times the size of hers, so she was exonerated.

As Dad noted, Thylacines weren’t overly large animals either. He reckons it was a panther. You know, like all those ones that escaped from circuses in the 60’s. There’s hundreds of them in the wheatbelt. Ask any farmer. You’d have to go a long way to find one that thinks Thylacines are really extinct. Dogs are very keen supporters of these theories.

As for my other confusing ramblings: Here’s more on Turtle Boats and Lights On The Hill, which is excellent Header music.

Word Suggested

July 21, 2003

Does “mirth” fit the bill?


July 21, 2003

Sorry for drunk posts…Sobering up now…Yobbo footy tteam lost again…Yobbo BOG again…Ruck 1 1/4 full back 3/4…lost by 4 goals..Have not won a game yet this year.

Yobbo has alwyas lived in family’s shadow…Yobbo smartest but still black sheep 😦


July 21, 2003

Posting normal tomorroww…… post ever promisde! Tooheys fault. Centrelink give me too much money. Hi DAD! Come harvesr I’ll heddar! Not lazy just independent no jokes! The rain on the lights on the hill are a blindin meeeee~!!

No Turtle Boats

July 21, 2003

Just tough men.


Peter Bell is the best Korean ever to play the game….

Polak also best Pole ever

call me racist

Freo…..Multiculturalism at it’s best…

Heave Ho.


July 21, 2003

I hope all you apcioous readedr can bait a bit cause freo won again we rule hahah click!

blog meet soon!!!!! eagles suck!


July 21, 2003