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Hemingway knew it all along…

It was something to do with the performances of Bell and Farmer that got me on the country footy track. Bell grew up in Kojonup, and Jeff Farmer in Tambellup, which are a short stone’s throw from glorious Dumbleyung. A fine effort from the wheatbelt.

Also making news in Tambellup is the Tambellup Tiger….which appears to be a kelpie that saw the wrong end of a woolpack stencil. I think the “offspring of a thylacine and kelpie” theory can be discarded since, unlike a dingo, the Thylacine is not a dog, and therefore can’t easily breed with animals that are dogs.

Nevertheless, there are numerous tales in the wheatbelt of large carnivores prowling around. Even my dear old Dad has a bigass sheep eating monster story. He never saw an animal, mind you. What he did see on one trip around the paddocks one day was a large footprint in the vicinity of some half eaten sheep. Always the quick thinker, Dad got the extraordinarily overfed red cloud kelpie to stick her paw in the mark for comparison. It was about 3 times the size of hers, so she was exonerated.

As Dad noted, Thylacines weren’t overly large animals either. He reckons it was a panther. You know, like all those ones that escaped from circuses in the 60’s. There’s hundreds of them in the wheatbelt. Ask any farmer. You’d have to go a long way to find one that thinks Thylacines are really extinct. Dogs are very keen supporters of these theories.

As for my other confusing ramblings: Here’s more on Turtle Boats and Lights On The Hill, which is excellent Header music.

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