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Devine Put In Her Place

July 22, 2003

David Marr was at his dribbling best in the latest episode of “Conservative Media Watch” tonight. The wide range of targets included conservative columnist Andrew Bolt, and conservative columnist Miranda Devine. Taking issue with Miranda Devine’s derision of the “Jesus was gay” researcher, Marr noted:

But six weeks before Miranda gave it another go, the University of Queensland had put out a rather killjoy clarification which Miranda ignored.

Media reports in recent days have incorrectly stated that The University of Queensland funded a study into the sexuality of Jesus Christ. Rollan McCleary? did not write his thesis on the subject ? but rather on the broad topic of gay spirituality in Western civilization?

The sad thing is that Dave actually seems to believe that he made some kind of point…


Why Iraq In Under 10,000 Words

July 22, 2003

Steven Den Beste posts on the justification for war in Iraq. The big news, and this will probably come as a shock to most people: Saddam buying uranium from Niger wasn’t actually a huge part of the reason. Neither, it seems, was oil.

HOWEVER: Steve comes up with an idea of some merit:

If Bush had wanted to conquer somewhere with lots of oil cheaply, he’d have sent one carrier battle group and a division of Marines to conquer the UAE. (In fact, one brigade would probably have been enough.)

Among the crimes of the UAE: Their national airline sponsors the Collingwood football club.

Hmm….upon looking at that page, Collingwood are also sponsored by the nanny statist WIPE OFF 5 campaign, FRENCH Car company Renault, and Hard Yakka, a clothing company who produce Orwellian uniforms for the working class!

Add Eddie Macguire’s face on every billboard and lamp-post in town, spouting propaganda across all forms of media; deliberate attempts to recruit impressionable teenagers into their organisation; opposition to inequalities in wages…..Well, need I say more?

Intrepid Yobbo researchers uncovered the horrifying truth!