Why Iraq In Under 10,000 Words

Steven Den Beste posts on the justification for war in Iraq. The big news, and this will probably come as a shock to most people: Saddam buying uranium from Niger wasn’t actually a huge part of the reason. Neither, it seems, was oil.

HOWEVER: Steve comes up with an idea of some merit:

If Bush had wanted to conquer somewhere with lots of oil cheaply, he’d have sent one carrier battle group and a division of Marines to conquer the UAE. (In fact, one brigade would probably have been enough.)

Among the crimes of the UAE: Their national airline sponsors the Collingwood football club.

Hmm….upon looking at that page, Collingwood are also sponsored by the nanny statist WIPE OFF 5 campaign, FRENCH Car company Renault, and Hard Yakka, a clothing company who produce Orwellian uniforms for the working class!

Add Eddie Macguire’s face on every billboard and lamp-post in town, spouting propaganda across all forms of media; deliberate attempts to recruit impressionable teenagers into their organisation; opposition to inequalities in wages…..Well, need I say more?

Intrepid Yobbo researchers uncovered the horrifying truth!
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