Au Revoir Les Enfants

Uday and Qusay are dead.

THE Iraqi capital erupted in an explosion of celebratory gunfire today on news the two sons of Saddam Hussein may have been killed in northern Iraq, AFP correspondents said.

“Uday and Qusay are dead, we saw it on TV,” Hassan Zaif said as he fired his Kalashnikov rifle skyward.

People were seen standing on rooftops and emptying their clips into a night aglow with tracer bullets, while a few Baghdadis ventured out onto the streets to watch the skies lit red by the volley.

The Age couldn’t confirm this story when it posted it online 5 minutes ago, but I’ve just seen some military dude on the TV confirming the kiddies are, in fact, eating worms.

Centcom confirms:

Four Iraqis were killed in the operation. We have confirmed that two of the dead were Saddam?s sons Uday and Qusay.

Dow Jones was impressed.

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