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Church Embraces Free Market

July 25, 2003

Here’s a church with the right idea…Immoral porn peddlars getting you down? Don’t try to get the government to outlaw it – Just buy them out!

(Milford, Connecticut-AP) — A Connecticut church is the new landlord of Video Pleasures.

The Kingdom Life Christian Church in Milford is buying the building that houses the porn shop. Bishop Jay Ramirez says they’ll shut down the adult video store.

His congregation raised 245-thousand dollars to buy the place.

Ramirez says that’s just the beginning

He says the church will be collecting more money to buy-out other porno shops in the community.

If they raise enough money to buy the Bellagio, sound the alarm.

Unions Never Forget

July 25, 2003

Compulsory retirement is on the agenda again. For Elephants:

ELEPHANTS employed by the southern state of Kerala will enjoy full retirement benefits at age 65, the provincial forest minister said Thursday.

“The Kerala government has issued norms for the upkeep of elephants which among other things insist that elephants retire from work at the age of 65 years.”

He added that the retired elephants would receive a good “menu, healthcare and living conditions.”

What sort of social justice is this? What about free education? Cheap prescription peanuts?


July 25, 2003

For years, humans have tried to protect seals from other humans. Greenpeace, in particular, have been successful in stopping people hunting seals. How do seals repay the favour? JIHAD:

A BRITISH scientist has died after being attacked by a seal while snorkelling in the Antarctic.

Marine biologist Kirsty Brown, 28, was studying the movement of icebergs when the animal struck, dragging her under the icy waters.

Experts think the animal involved may have mistaken Miss Brown, from Southwater, near Horsham, West Sussex, for another seal.

“Experts”. Always blaming the victim.