ABC Bias Debatable

At least if you read Tim Dunlop’s blog:

[Alston’s dossier] plants in everybody’s mind the notion that the ABC is irredeemably biased, and installs an inner-Alston in every ABC journo’s head, tempting them to self-censor every word they write rather than face another in his relentless bouts of name-calling and denigration.

I was under the impression that the blogosphere had long ago agreed that the ABC is obviously biased, and that the debate should be turned to what, if anything, we should do about it.

Myself, I find myself agreeing with Tim Dunlop:

it will play so well with the peanut gallery whose earnest justifications for this waste of tax dollars I look forward to hearing.

Being a cultural philistine, my own idea about what to do with the ABC is a new lifestyle TV show along the lines of “Location Location“.

Instead of second homes for the bourgeoisie, “Privatisation Survivor” would feature nervous production assistants from 7, 9, 10 and Foxtel bidding on old buildings and sound equipment. Another popular feature would be watching ex-ABC broadcasters participating in reverse auctions with heartless commercial operators in an attempt to snare employment.

First up tonight on Privatisation Survivor: David Marr, Indira Naidoo and Liam Bartlett audition for the position of host for “Wheel Of Fortune”!

And don’t forget to stay tuned for our viewer SMS auction: Kerry O’Brien’s green pen could be yours!

Like most shows of its type, “Privatisation Survivor” would be a ratings winner, especially compared to anything on the ABC.

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