Semester 2 Booklist

I hope there’s still a library on campus…

Cost Accounting 11ED $99.85
Management Accounting 6ED $101.70
Financial Accounting in Australia 5ED $93.37
Taxpak 2 : Core Student Taxpak 2 2003 $146.15
ACC2360 Lecture Guide $28.85
LAW2410 Study Guide $15.85
ACC2250 Lecture Guide $13.70
Order Total: $499.47

Needless to say I won’t actually be buying any of these ridiculously priced books. The lecture guides may be worth the investment, but there’s no way I’m spending $450 on books that we probably won’t open at all during the semester.

One of the books is $146 for chrissakes. Even if it came with a TV it would still be overpriced.

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