Singapore Streaker

siagirl_country.jpgSingapore Airlines is by far the best carrier in our region in terms of service and value for money. Their entertainment system features 10 video feed channels and a Super Nintendo on the back of all seats, even in economy. Recently they have been experimenting with even more entertainment options:

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – An off-duty Singapore Airlines steward took off all his clothes and threw the contents of his wallet around as stunned passengers on a flight from Australia looked on, a newspaper has reported.

Singapore’s Straits Times said the 31-year-old man had been travelling as a passenger on the flight from Perth in Australia’s west to Singapore on July 11. An airline official said the man has since been placed on medical leave.

The good news is that the male steward will likely be replaced by one of the legendary “Singapore Girls” who make the SA experience all the more enjoyable. Come to think of it, if I had to spend all day surrounded by those chicks, I’d probably go crazy and tear off all my clothes too. Poor guy.

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