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July 29, 2003

mac-arroyo.gifGloria Arroyo is dealing with internal conflict:

Ms Arroyo said the Philippines will avail of the good offices of Malaysia in the search for a political solution to the conflict with the MILF

Formal talks between government and the MILF were supposed to resume late that month in Malaysia.

military officials acknowledged the target of the campaign was the MILF

Department of Justice and that both the government and MILF had agreed to a ?cessation of hostilities? effective July 19.

All the evidence points to MILF!

Horrible Truth Discovered

July 29, 2003

A New Zealand study has revealed that teenage boys like to download photos of naked teenage girls:

The study profiled 106 people who have been investigated by the Censorship Compliance Unit. The bulk of the people profiled in the Department of Internal Affairs study were identified via the internet.

The offenders’ ages, at the time they were investigated, ranged from 14 to 67 with the average age being 30.

Almost a third of the offenders were students and a third lived at home with their parents or grandparents. The most common age of offending in the study’s sample was 17.

But almost a quarter of the offenders were aged less than 20 years.

Pretty shocking stuff so far. But wait, there’s more!

After the 33 students identified in the study, the next biggest group was the information technology industry and white collar/administrative positions.

People who work with computers are more likely to look at porn on the internet. Additionally, most of them are male. A vital link that wasn’t mentioned is that most of the offenders also have eyes.

U R DUMPED! :(~~~

July 29, 2003

Who says Islam hasn’t kept up with the times?

MUSLIM men can divorce their wives through text messages on mobile telephones, the New Straits Times reported yesterday.

Hamid Othman, adviser to Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, said divorce via SMS or short messaging service was in accordance with Sharia law if it was clear and unambiguous.

“SMS is just another form of writing,” Hamidas said, following an Islamic court decision on Thursday that ruled in favour of a man who served divorce on his wife using SMS.

Islamic law permits a man to divorce his wife by saying “talaq” ? I divorce you ? three times.

Thats 82527082527082527 for those of you with predictive text.

Winners Identified

July 29, 2003

The recent Gallop decision to not extend retail trading hours seemed at first to be a lose-lose proposition. After my experience tonight, it’s evident that isn’t the case.

I paid a visit to Dewsons supermarket in Doubleview at about 6:30pm last night. Dewsons is a chain (or perhaps franchise?) of grocery/supermarket outlets that for some reason are allowed to open 7 days a week until 8pm. How exactly Dewsons supermarkets are different to Coles/Woolworths etc, I’m not sure. They certainly sell all the same things that the larger stores do, albeit at a higher price. I’m assuming it’s something to do with the floor area of the store.

In any case, Dewsons, along with FAL, were a large players in the so-called “small business alliance” that lobbied hard against the retail deregulation.

It’s not hard to see why.

When I went to pick up a few things at 6:30, there were about 70 people in line for the 3 checkout operators in the store. Most of them had only a basket-sized grocery load, but it wouldn’t be accurate to say that they were just buying bread and milk. After all, Dewsons has a full fruit+vegetable and deli meats section (at least, my local one does).

In the scheme of things, its safe to say Dewsons (And similarly-sized grocer/supermarkets) sit somewhere between the full-sized supermarkets and the corner deli. The strange thing is that the deli owners have thrown their full weight behind the anti-deregulation lobby, when the only stores that really stand to benefit are places like Dewsons.

It would be a big surprise for any of the major chains to decide to open for 24 hours a day even if they were able to. More likely, they would simply open on Sundays, and until 8pm or thereabouts on weekdays to capitalise on the commuter trade. This is hardly going to affect the takings of Delis or corner shop operators any more than Dewsons already does.

Dewsons and their ilk are the undoubted beneficiaries of the Gallop decision to scuttle retail deregulation.

The losers are everyone else: The deli and corner shop owners, who continue to have their market share whittled away from the very franchises that they lobbied with; The durable goods retailers who face no real small business competitors anyway (like Harvey Norman); The retail employees, many of whom are casual and part-time, who could use more hours; And, of course, me and my 70-100 fellow consumers, facing the artificially sustained prices and Soviet-style queues which are the all-too-obvious signs of Government regulation gone out of control.