Horrible Truth Discovered

A New Zealand study has revealed that teenage boys like to download photos of naked teenage girls:

The study profiled 106 people who have been investigated by the Censorship Compliance Unit. The bulk of the people profiled in the Department of Internal Affairs study were identified via the internet.

The offenders’ ages, at the time they were investigated, ranged from 14 to 67 with the average age being 30.

Almost a third of the offenders were students and a third lived at home with their parents or grandparents. The most common age of offending in the study’s sample was 17.

But almost a quarter of the offenders were aged less than 20 years.

Pretty shocking stuff so far. But wait, there’s more!

After the 33 students identified in the study, the next biggest group was the information technology industry and white collar/administrative positions.

People who work with computers are more likely to look at porn on the internet. Additionally, most of them are male. A vital link that wasn’t mentioned is that most of the offenders also have eyes.

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