Cops Try To Reseal Pandora’s Box

You don’t even need to be a chemist to manufacture drugs any more. Newscorp reports that Australian drug dealers are buying the tools of the trade from

AS a special murder task force investigates the bloody amphetamines drug war erupting in Victoria, police around the country have uncovered dozens of clandestine laboratories and copies of an illegal “cookbook” on how to make the illicit drugs.

It is believed the recent murders in Melbourne are linked to drug wars that are being fuelled by the availability of internet recipes and a manual called Secrets of Methamphetamine Manufacture, written by an underground chemist known as “Uncle Fester”.

The 183-page book, available on the internet, tells how to set up backyard kitchens right through to large-scale productions rivalling the traditional crime syndicate operations.

It’s really only a matter of time before the local production of ecstasy and other pills reaches the point where decriminalisation is seriously looked at. Police and politicians long ago realised that trying to stop marijuana consumption was impossible, because it’s so easy to produce. If we reach the point where any teenager can make ecstasy after a trip to Bunnings, what then?

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One Comment on “Cops Try To Reseal Pandora’s Box”

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