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Yobbo Bigger Than Instapundit

July 31, 2003

Glenn Reynolds tries to act all big, but the jokes on him, because I’ve got him by an inch. I’ll be expecting an email comparing our dads’ heights any minute.

Yobbo By Request

July 31, 2003

Get ‘Em While They’re Cheap!


The perfect addition to your economic rationalist, neo-imperialist, uncompassionate conservative blog!

Outrage Of The Day

July 31, 2003

The US 4th Infantry in Iraq have been playing tricks on Iraqi generals:

On Wednesday night, he said, his troops picked up the wife and daughter of an Iraqi lieutenant general. They left a note: “If you want your family released, turn yourself in.” Such tactics are justified, he said, because, “It’s an intelligence operation with detainees, and these people have info.” They would have been released in due course, he added later.

Tim Dunlop, as usual, is outraged:

This piece of nastiness should be clearly unacceptable. And it is surprising how little attention it is getting from pro-war commentators and bloggers.


How can it be moral?

Apart from anything else, what such behaviour does in the battle for hearts and minds amongst Iraqis is probably nothing short of disastrous.

It’s been a while since I snarked at Tim, so I had a go in his comments, repasted here for your reading pleasure: