Cato War On Drug War

For those who haven’t read it before, this very long and detailed Policy Statement on the war on drugs from Cato is required reading. I especially recommend that my more conservative readers take some time to read through their point-by-point critique of drug prohibition.

Most people are probably aware that Cato and other libertarian think-tanks are against the war on drugs. What you might not already know is that they are also against decriminalisation, favouring instead full legalisation – to the same level as Tobacco and Alcohol. It sounds radical at first, but the key point is that full legalisation is the only way to really dismantle the black market for drugs.
Decriminalisation only serves to free up prison space.

This was published a fair while ago (1989), but as it’s still linked on their front page I’m assuming their stance has not changed. If anything, the war on drugs has failed even more spectacularly in the 15 years past. Read the whole thing.(when you have time)

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