Psycho Teen Update

This blog has been following the Daniel Robbins story since day 1, when he was arrested for running down a pedestrian in an botched corpse-raping attempt. It’s now become clear that corpse-raping is only one of the many activities enjoyed by Great Falls teenagers:

A teenager accused of running down a jogger in hopes of having sex with her corpse drafted a macabre list of “resolutions” a year earlier that included a desire to “taste human flesh” and shoot someone, according to court documents.

The police officer assigned to Russell High School, Daralee Murphy, testified Tuesday that school officials met with Robbins and his parents several times after his teacher alerted them to the boy’s “resolutions.”

In addition to tasting human flesh and shooting someone on a camping trip, Robbins listed among his goals: “Get a driver’s license so I can do those horrible things people like to read about in the paper.”

He made the list on Janruary 6, 2002, when he was 15.

And people say that young people today have no goals!

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