That Pesky Freedom Of Speech

America’s First Amendment Center has just released its 2003 State of the First Amendment report and it makes for interesting reading. Some statistics from the report are:

– 34% said the First Amendment gives Americans “too much freedom” (Down from 49% last year).

But it’s OK, that won’t mean decent people like you and me. They’re just talking about the people who abuse it.

– 46% said the press in America has “too much freedom to do what it wants”.

Free press? Who needs it?

– About 62% of those surveyed said government officials should be allowed to post the Ten Commandments inside government buildings.

Separation of Church and State? Bit of a stupid idea.

– 33% thought public protests shouldn’t be allowed during wartime.
– 33% thought schools should be allowed to prohibit students expressing views about the war.

There’s those people that abuse it that I mentioned earlier.

I just hope these mistakes in the Constitution can be corrected in the new Constitution of Iraq. Get them to restrict free speech, retain control of Iraq’s media, and post excerpts from Shariah law in Government buildings, and the place should be well on the way to success.

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