Good News!

I know that, to date, Yobbo’s blog has been disgustingly out-of-touch with modern women’s issues. Well, I promised to shift the content to the left, so it’s time to introduce some feminist discourse around here. So gather round the bra-burning fire, and let me tell you the magical story of the destruction of the male race!

That’s right, sisters, according to Bryan Sykes, Professor of Human Genetics at Oxford, men have had it:

A “genetic ruin littered with molecular damage”, the Y-chromosome cannot repair itself, nor arrest the steadily accumulating damage, he reports in Adam’s Curse.

“Like the face of the moon, still pitted by all the craters from all the meteors that have ever fallen onto its surface, Y-chromosomes cannot heal their own scars. It is a dying chromosome and one day it will become extinct.”… By his estimate, the male will go belly-up in about 125,000 years.

The hopeless optimists amongst you might think that given how far the human race has advanced in the last few thousand years, it’s possible we can fix this up given another 125 thousand. But then, when you think about it… why would we want to? For REAL feminists, the solution should be obvious:

[Men will not be required for breeding] for much longer, if Professor Sykes’s radical solution is adopted – abandon men altogether.

“From the genetic point of view, very little stands in its way,” he says.

It is almost bound to happen, says the professor, who can find no moral objection. “Men are now on notice,” he says.

However, Professor Sykes does not speculate on what would pass for sex once men disappear.

Can’t see that being a problem. Who in their right mind wants to fuck men?

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