New SMH Columnist

Zimbawean dictator Robert Mugabe, who is planning on stepping down as leader shortly, is already exploring new job options.

Media insiders believe he may have the inside running on a new gig as Hugh Mackay’s replacement at the Sydney Morning Herald.

As part of the application process Mugabe delivered a sample of his works through his Information minister Jonathan Moyo. Predictably, John Howard was the target of his first column.

Howard, along with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, “have stood out as racists who want to divide the world on racial lines” and protect white interests in Commonwealth countries

In a touching homage to outgoing columnist Mackay, Mr Mugabe used Hugh’s traditional “Cute Furry Animals or Small Children” voice to attack the Australian Prime Minister:

Moyo said Howard’s campaign against Mugabe was a “kangaroo court” that attempted to turn Commonwealth countries against Zimbabwe.

“We are convinced this is a kangaroo noise from a kangaroo prime minister who is frustrated the international community has refused to be used as a kangaroo court against Zimbabwe,” Moyo said, referring to the Australian prime minister as “coward Howard”.

While admittedly pleased with the quality of Mugabe’s work, SMH editors were not giving anything away today:

“With the departure of Mr Mackay, the SMH is badly in need of a moderate progressive voice to counteract the more bellicose style of Mike Carlton and Margo Kingston. Our decision has yet to be finalised.”

Stay Tuned…

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  1. Thank you, I could not have sead it better my self.

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