Guardian Kicking Ass

This is one of those rare stories from the Guardian that just about everybody is going to agree with. Taking aim at the upcoming WTO talks in Cancun, the lefty UK newspaper has launched a website, “kickAAS”, devoted to lobbying for the abolition of the massive agricultural subsidies dished out yearly by Western governments.

Right-wing economic liberalists will like it because, well, it’s economically liberal. Lefties in general will like it because of the benefits to the developing world. Even anti-globalisation lefties will probably be willing to make an exception, as long as the US gets made to pay. Nationalists will like it because it would be beneficial to Australian farmers. Just about the only people who won’t like it, in fact, are the farmers who get the handouts – and the people who want their votes.

This story via the fine folks at Samizdata.

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