Great Australians

Scott Wickstein is asking for reader submissions of your personal list of the top 10 most influential Australians of the 20th century:

So what I humbly ask is that you nominate 10 Australians that you think had the biggest impact on our country in the 20th century. I’d also encourage you to ‘think outside the box’ , rather then list 10 Prime Ministers.

In addition, it would be really interesting if one of your ten was a ‘personal hero’ sort of figure- here, I’m thinking maybe John Quiggin could name an Australian economist type that inspired him, or Ken Parish might name a lawyer/judge that inspired him to take up lawmongering in the first place.

My “personal hero” figure goes to Wilson Tuckey Hugh Victor McKay. McKay invented the Combine Harvester and was Australia’s most successful Industrialist at the beginning of the 20th century.

Here’s the rest of my top ten with short explanations for those that need it:

(in no particular order)

Hugh Victor McKay
Kerry Packer – World Series Cricket has undoubtably had a huge influence, never mind his other businesses.
Weary Dunlop
Sir Robert Menzies
Rupert Murdoch
Shane Warne – Probably the most famous Yobbo in the world. Also, revived the art of leg spin and introduced it to one-day cricket.
Pauline Hanson – Her policies were rightfully ignored, but she changed the face of the Australian cultural debate like no other.
Barry Humphries – Along with Paul Hogan, the primary exporter of Aussie culture.
Germaine Greer
Bob Hawke – World champion beer sculler. Also somewhat involved in Australian politics.

I would love to have included Prince Leonard of the Hutt River Province in this list. Unfortunately, despite his obvious greatness, Prince Leonard hasn’t really been all that influential in Australia, his influence contained mainly inside the borders of the great nation of the Hutt River Province.

You can email Scott your own list if you wish to be included in the survey.

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