Marxism 101

It’s essay time for the young marxists and unfortunate exchange students who are studing a course which claims to be “Asian History”

Question 1.

Examine changing birth practices in two societies in South East Asia. What do changing birth practices tell us about gender relations? Do you see the medicalization of birth as a source of empowerment for women or a way of increasing control over women?

I had no idea how to attempt to explain this one. I assume that “control” of women would be related to the quaint Western Belief of “Not dying like an animal during childbirth” which obviously has to be balanced against the “empowering forces of women-only midwifery”.

The sad thing is that there are 9 other things you could write about apart from this one. This is the only question I could even begin to formulate a response to.

Nevertheless, Yukari is actually managing to do fairly well in the course, mostly due to a 8 hour a day study regime. I find it very distressing that I am required to search the web for explanations of Marxist theory in order to help my flatmate with her homework. And, just in case people think I am exaggerating, some of the questions specifically state to explain the problem “in Marxist terms”.

Nobody here really knows what that means, so we are attempting to throw in a few catchphrases whenever possible. Assistance with some cool Marxist catchphrases in the comments below would be appreciated.

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