Swamped By Kiwis

I try to avoid linking to Silent Running whenever possible, if only because they are members of the malevolent Kiwi conspiracy that is attempting to stealthily take over Australia and turn it into a ovinocracy. So, as one internet user pushes the boundaries of science to investigate time travel, Silent Running has their own crack at futurism:

“Well I read in one of my history textbooks that the intelligence President Lileks had might not have been reliable.”

Natalie Lileks was the bravest, toughest Chief Executive this nation ever had! She did what she had to do, and she paid the political price! Paid it gladly! I still remember the day she resigned…as far as I’m concerned there was NO disgrace in her decision!”

Poor little gnat. She hasn’t even had the good fortune of getting into a single playground fight yet, and is already being blamed for the future nuking of some Islamic city.

In summation, it’s bad enough that Kiwis (note the stats, people!) are infesting my cricket team let alone the intermenet. However, if they keep doing funny blog-type things, we could consider calling off the air strike. Maybe.

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