The Lada Niva Of Browsers

Stew Kelly still reads Pravda:

When I get my broadband connection……which will be any month now, I’ll be able to download stuff like the Mozilla Firebird internet browser, which by all (well, some) accounts craps all over IE.

Downloaded it, installed it, uninstalled it. Mozilla, like it’s fellow traveller Netscape, doesn’t support javascript properly and doesn’t correctly render CSS. It also runs much more slowly than IE, uses more system resources, and tries to download ridiculous rubbish like “Realplayer”.

So here’s your dissenting report: Mozilla is a giant pile of shit. Opera is much better, and IE is better still. Long live Bill Gates.

Readers of this site who use Netscape and/or Mozilla frequently advise me that my site is broken. My site isn’t broken, that visual distortion you are experiencing is 1994 asking for its browser back.

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