Collectivism: WOW

A scary tale from the US public school system from Kevin at Nepenthe Island:

This employee has a son in early grade school, in the Fort Worth ISD (which I believe is on the receiving end of Robin Hood). One of the supplies the kids were told they needed was a set of notebooks. I’m not sure if this means spiral notebooks or three-ring binders. Regardless, Veronica went with her son to the store and picked out some really nice notebooks. These notebooks cost $2.99 each.

Apparently, this wasn’t fair to the other students. When Veronica’s son brought his nice notebooks to class, they were taken away. He was given back notebooks that some other kid brought, which cost 25? each. Justification? Some kids might be embarrassed or discomfited by Veronica’s son’s apparent wealth.

Read the whole thing.

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