Call For Candidates

Repasted from the Australian Libertarian Society Blog:

The Liberal Democratic Party is currently looking for candidates to stand in the next federal election, expected sometime in 2004.

As many people here have noted, Australia currently does not have a political party that promotes smaller government. Some people have expressed a desire to see a small-government political party in Australia. For this to happen, it is necessary to have people who will put up their hands and help build such a party. Most importantly, we need people who are willing to stand as candidates. ‘Behind the scenes’ help is appreciated, but will be of little use if there are no candidates.

The main platform for the LDP will be reform of our income tax system, as well as labour market and welfare reform. The basis of this reform will be the introduction of a 30% flat income tax, with a $30,000 tax free threshold. In addition we will be promoting labour market reform, the removal of corporate welfare and the reform of the welfare system. Beyond our core issues, candidates will have relative freedom to promote their own policies, so long as they are broadly consistent with the party’s principles.

If you are interesested in standing as a candidate, or helping out in some other way, then please contact me at

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