Advice To New Bloggers

1. Don’t bother. Your blog will never be as good as mine.

2. If you have no time to blog, just steal other people’s stuff and put it in italics. Hey, Presto! Cooonnnntent!!

Unsure about starting a blog? What do you have to lose? It takes ten minutes and zero dollars to set up a blog on Blogger. [UPDATE: Blogger just announced that they are adding most of their Blogger Pro features into their regular Blogger program, so now you get even more for nothing.] The real question is, why not start a blog? At worst, you’ll run out of things to say in two weeks and delete it. Trust me, if my brother can blog, anyone can.

3. If in doubt, make fun of people

Me: How is my son going at school?
T: He needs some help with his spelling.

Chip off the old block! HAHA!

4. Post uninteresting personal anecdotes. Stalkers lap it up.

I finished my accounting assignment today. It was very time-consuming and not particularly interesting.

I also applied for the captaincy of my cricket team. I was the captain last year and we came last. Nevertheless, some people felt that I was a good captain and encouraged me to apply again. So I did.

I have been sleeping in the daytime and staying up all night lately. I do this quite often for no particular reason. I like to think of it as letting my body express itself. My friends think I’m the laziest motherfucker to ever walk the Earth. The real answer probably lies somewhere in between.

My little brother didn’t win the UGSFL fairest+best award this year. Instead, he came 2nd by 1 vote. He did win the media-judged award though. He’s pretty good.

I’m supposed to be doing my homework now. Nothing inspires me to blog more than knowing that I should be doing something else.

I’m getting a haircut today. I don’t want to turn up to the Capitalist Schmoozefest looking like an albino Golliwog.


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