Bloggers vs. The Left

The crew over at NZPundit have had a Trent Lott moment, claiming credit for the sacking of a lefty TV host after she made on-air jokes at the expense of 9-11 victims:

Ni Nis Pam. Is this New Zealand’s first blog scalp? I would love to know. I haven’t seen a thing about Corkery’s outburst on the local news groups or in the papers. As far as I know Farrar, us and Silent Running are the only ones publicising it.

I’ve had emails from a dozen readers saying they’d complained. I also have the text of a response sent to one complainer from TVNZ’s executive producer Greg Boyed. He wasn’t overly happy.

Meanwhile, back in Australia, Professor Bunyip catches Phillip Adams plagiarising for the 1 billionth time, with little response so far from the ABC.

Lefty pundit Margo Kingston, obviously aware of goings on in NZ, has recognised the imminent threat that the Vast Right Wing Blogging Conspiracy poses to her precious Webdiary, and has suited up for battle in the comments box at Troppo Armadillo.

Is it just me, or are the lines blurring just a little?

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