Joni Mitchell Has Buck Teeth

Bill Gates is currently in Mozambique, promising to donate a shitload of money to help in the fight against Malaria:

While many Americans tend to think of malaria as a primitive disease that was conquered long ago, the Gateses pointed out that is true only in rich countries.

Well then, how did those evil rich countries manage to get rid of it?

After the Second World War, Europe and North America used DDT to eradicate malaria.


In primary school they taught me that DDT was evil, nasty stuff that killed puppies and made baby Jesus cry. Even Joni Mitchell continued the big lie about malaria in everyone’s favourite Counting Crows cover song:

Hey farmer, farmer, put away that DDT now Give me spots on my apples – but leave me the birds and the bees…please

Now either she couldn’t think of something to rhyme with “Malaria” or the line “I don’t care about millions of black people dying – just leave me the birds and the bees” didn’t fit the rythmic structure. Who knows.

In any case, not everyone is convinced that DDT couldn’t be of some use, especially in Africa.

The Doctor criticised the Roll-Back-Malaria programme, saying that the so-called use of mosquito-treated nets has no potential of reaching all the most affected population of the rural dwellers: ‘Of our over 120 million people, at least 100 million will need mosquito-treated nets…it is utterly ridiculous to turn a room into a colony of nets when there is a more effective, harmless and cheaper way of making the room liveable with DDT whole-room spraying,” he added.

According to him, the USA got rid of malaria by the use of DDT, but that black people are barred by the same USA from using the method through Nigeria’s dependence on foreign aid.

Bill’s combined donations add up to nearly $300 million dollars so far. Most of it has gone to funding individual vaccination programs, which, as Gates admits, is not nearly enough to deal with the disease in that way.

I wonder how many drums of DDT you could buy for $300 mill? I’m guessing “a lot”.

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