Gravett Empire Grows

The original Drivelwarehouse vs Mentalspace war mirrored that one in Iraq, with the forces of good triumphing in the face of minimal resistance. The parallels continue however, with Drivelwarehouse now facing a new threat. Not Islamic nutters this time, but a fresh and dangerous enemy: The Gravettistas.

Chairman Gravett has been joined by shadowy generals “D” and “Murph”. (Sounds kinda like the “A-Team”) at his home blog, while he has also been recruiting like a madman. First Todd McKenzie, then Alan Anderson and now James Morrow have all been signed up to the Gravett-led “resistance”. Party loyalists Paul and Carl are still going strong.

Forgotten hero Norman Hanscombe is still missing. Commentators are split on whether this is because he has fallen, or is simply gathering strength for the final assault.

Recommended course of action: Monitor all blogs closely for further developments.

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