Free Beer Alert

Just in time for the local AFL grand final party:

SOMEONE in NSW is in for a hell of a barbecue after 700 cartons of beer were stolen from a warehouse near Canberra overnight.

The grog, worth more than $20,000 was stolen by clearly sober, well-organised thieves who had planned the raid down to the last detail, police said.

Two company forklifts at the Carlton United Breweries warehouse in Queanbeyan were used to lift 10 pallets of beer onto what must have been a large truck.

They have now asked barbecue planners, beachgoers, picnic-makers, businessowners and the general public to be on the lookout for offers of cheap booze over the coming weeks. The haul includes 420 cartons of Melbourne and Victoria Bitter stubbies and 160 cartons of long-necks worth nearly $21,000.

I’d start my search at the Carlton Football Club. They aren’t busy, and are known to have light fingers.

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