WA Young Entrepreneurs

Boarding school sure seems a lot more fun nowadays. I don’t remember videotaping any lesbian orgies or taking porn snaps when I was at school…

THREE 13-year-old girls from the most expensive private school in WA have been caught trying to sell a homemade pornographic video.

The scandal involves students at Presbyterian Ladies’ College and Hale School.

Both schools have been forced into damage control after the explicit video, featuring three PLC students, was found.

The video, believed to have been taped at a party a fortnight ago, shows three Year 8 PLC boarding school students performing an explicit sexual act.

No boys were in the video but a separate photo shows one of the girls engaging in an explicit act with a Hale School student.

The photo may have been taken at the same party.

The West Australian understands that about a week after the private party, the girls involved edited the video and tried to sell it to a group of Hale School boys for $90. It is understood that the boys did not pay the money but watched the video.

The three girls get an A- for business studies. Producing the lesbian kiddie porn was a very creative idea, but they seem to have been beaten in negotiation by the boys from Hale, who bargained them down from $90 to $0. A+ for the Hale boys.

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One Comment on “WA Young Entrepreneurs”

  1. courtney Says:

    hi eveyrone, i was in the actual ‘porno’ there was no sexual activites other then kissing, there was 5 girls only one was in boarding school, there was also two guys and the girls did not try and sell it the boys ran off witht the tape in the beginning. so all five girls got suspended for a day and then returned back to school. END OF STORY!!!!!

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