US Foreign Policy 101

Today’s lesson comes from an article in Green Left Weekly, reprinted from the American Socialist Worker, advancing the absurd argument that both the US and UN should immediately withdraw from Iraq and hope the place doesn’t collapse. Why? Well, you know. Imperialism and shit.

That’s all pretty standard stuff, but this little gem caught my eye. Anti-Americans have had a hard time explaining US actions in the Balkans, which successfully ended the civil strife there and deposed Slobodan Milosevic, apparently without delivering even a single barrel of oil to the US. “What’s up with that?” you might be wondering.

Well, wonder no longer. Socialist Worker has solved this conundrum:

The experience of the Vietnam War taught antiwar activists to be ?knee-jerk? anti-imperialists, opposed to Uncle Sam sending troops anywhere. The US then launched, under the guise of ?humanitarian intervention?, a series of interventions designed precisely to erase the ?Vietnam Syndrome? ? from Somalia to Kosova. A whole section of the left bought into the reasoning that the US is capable of benign intervention in certain instances.

Ah, thankyou, yes, everything has become clear. Those cunning bastards! They planned it all from the beginning. If it wasn’t for brave souls like this standing up speaking the truth, none of us would have ever known the full horror of this conspiracy.

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