Dear Yobbo

Getting spam from random j. randomsen from Nigeria is one thing. Are any of you important enough to get spammed by a real life Dictator’s brother in law?!?

Dear Friend

My names are Mr Peters Ujani, I am the inmediate
younger brother to Mrs Jewel Charlas Taylor of war
tored country of Liberia-westAfrica, the wife of (Mr
Charlas Taylor) president of Liberia.

That’s nice, I hope you all die.


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One Comment on “Dear Yobbo”

  1. Ujani Says:

    Shit, mi name is Ujaní and this bastard have flooded the web with his many spammy vercions of that email, since harming my name jeje…

    …mmm can i get a keyword rich, relevant for google, link from you?… i mean, in this comment?, thanks a lot. =)

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