Yobbo Jobbo

ChrisV has got himself a job being a professional nerd. I tried this out myself on occasion, but I found that too much freedom makes for a very lazy Yobbo. By some strange twist of astrology, it seems that both ChrisV and myself will be working tomorrow AT THE SAME TIME.

Mark this date on your calendars, it isn’t likely to happen again any time soon.

Having an extremely large penis isn’t the only similarity between myself and Orwell’s favourite horse “Boxer”, as tomorrow I will be joining the ranks of the filthy proletariat and building myself a windmill. And by “windmill” I mean “house”.

For some reason a friend of mine thought I would be the ideal man to help him carry around some planks. I decided to get “The Don” off my back I had better accept the offer. At least I can then say I’ve contributed something to society except for this increasingly pissweak blog.

Never fear though, for after a quick stop by the Worker’s bar on the way home, I’m sure I will find some time to blog about something tomorrow after work. Probably about how I was always wrong and that how we should strive for social justice and let in all the asylum seekers and save the trees and love Allah and such things.

P.S. Did I mention I’m drunk? Because I am. Goodnight!

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