What’s The Free Kick Count?

An emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council is under way in New York over an Israeli air strike deep inside Syria.

The attack on what Israel calls a terrorist training camp for the group Islamic Jihad has met with widespread international condemnation.

Israel says the raid was a response to the weekend suicide bombing in Haifa that killed 19 people and that it will continue to exercise its right of self-defence.

“Strongly Condemned”, “Condemned” and even “Strongly Deplored

It’s so monotonous, It’s almost like watching the post-match AFL player interviews. The UN is just taking it one condemnation at a time. The murder in Haifa was “strongly ignored”.

The interesting thing is that there is no mention of the number of people killed in the bombing in Syria. I guess that means there were none. Considering that Syria and Israel are still at war, one wonders what in particular is so worthy of condemnation. Or, as they’d say at the footy: “You were both in it, Play On”.

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