Sam’s Study Tips

Here’s a useful tip that I have worked out, for any of you who may be studying subjects that allow you to submit work via E-Mail.

The way these kind of things usually work, is that they have an automated e-mailbox that tags any emails that arrive before the deadline. Submit after that and your work won’t be accepted.

But what if you are snowed under with work and can’t make the deadline? What if you are like me, and decided to start your assignment an hour before the deadline, only to discover that it would take about 6 hours?

Here’s what you do.

Go into your windows/system folder, and find a binary file (.bin) about 60-100k in size. This is about the average size of a Microsoft word document. For the purpose of this experiment, I used unicode.bin, but any binary file will work fine.

Right click the file so the menu comes up and click copy. Go to your desktop and paste it there. You now have a working copy of some windows file that does god knows what.

We don’t care what it does. We care what it doesn’t do. And what it doesn’t do is make any sense at all when opened in Microsoft Word.

Click on your file’s name, and change it to something snappy like “Assignment1.doc”. The .doc is important, because you can now pretend it’s a Microsoft Word file. You will need to have filename extensions visible to do this. If you don’t, it will be called “Assignment1.doc.bin” and the gig will probably be up.

You can now try opening your file by double clicking it. What will happen is either your computer will explode, or Microsoft Word will attempt to open it, and display a mess of gibberish. It’s all good.

Now, submit your assignment like nothing’s wrong!

2-5 days later, depending on when your lecturer checks the emails, they are going to find your assignment, submitted on time and all in order. Oh, but wait, what’s this? The poor dear has somehow buggered it up. I had better give him a chance to hand it in…After all, it’s not his fault that he’s stupid, most of the kids are this semester:

Hi there Sam,

Unfortunately the attachment which contains your assignment below is scrambled.

Please re-submit ASAP in standard Microsoft Word format or you can fax it to me on


(name deleted)

There you go! 7 Day extension on assignment, no questions asked!

All that remains is to actually do your assignment and submit it properly this time. To keep the ruse ultra-tight, I might take the understanding prof up on his offer to fax it. That way he’ll continue to assume I’m a computer illiterate moron, and I’ll continue to assume the same about him.

That’s all for today. Class Dismissed.

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