Why Do They Hate Me?!

Reader J.J. tipped me off to a scathing attack on yours truly found in the fringe street press this week.

Zebrahype” magazine, which is basically the Wigger lifestyle liftout of longstanding street mag “X-Press“, has a feature this week entitled “Bloggers You Might Want To Biff”.

Along with my good self, bloggers charged with crimes against the Hip Hop lifestyle movement include Amateurish.org, mainly due to its terrible background colours, Pop Justice, and “Gangstories”, which has now been shut down. Gangstories, as the writer says, makes “being a gangster sound like not a lot of fun”. So, his crime is obvious.

Seeing as this particular section didn’t make the website, I’ll repaste what Julian Hosgood has to say about me:

his Yobbo credentials are out there for all to see: he loves David Boone (sic), hates socialists, metrosexuals and hippies, and the comments posted by his readers are pretty caustic stuff. On a lighter note, read the debate about whether Bill Clinton is manlier for having had sex with more women, or whether George W Bush gets the brownie points for ordering military strikes on Iraq.

Along with the article, there’s the picture of me at the top left with the caption: “Sam Ward, not a pretty boy.” Why must they be such playa haters?!

Julian, I’ll have you know that my mum says that I’m very handsome, thanks very much. Next time, can you try and get my URL right please? I could have missed dozens of hits from your article.

I’ll try and get a scan organised at some stage.

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