What Would Reagan Do?

Lefties love of activism doesn’t extend to people being active for the other side. Tony the Kiwi reports from the Anti-GM demonstrations in Un Zud:

Anti-GE marchers have no respect for property rights. Instead of coming up with a reasoned argument against signs they don’t like, they simply steal said signs and rip them up (this happened to a mate’s “GE: my money, my body, my choice” sign).

The henchmen of anti-GE march organisers get progressively bigger, uglier and dumber as their status within the henchman hierarchy increases. Said big ugly dumb henchmen are quite happy to use the threat of violence against those with a dissenting view.

Free speech is also equally unwelcome in America, where yet another bake sale was shut down because the local loonies just couldn’t control themselves at the sight of someone expressing their own point of view:

Approximately 150 students were gathered around our booth discussing the issue by about 12:30 in the afternoon, when our booth was finally attacked by leftists. These “sensitive” left-wing students tore down our signs, threw our baked goods and literature off the table and attempted to tear down our tent. One College Republican tried to salvage a few boxes of cookies from the table, but the “peaceful” activists got to the goods first and struck the Republican in the head with a flying cookie.

Burning flags, throwing liquified shit on policemen and the like are all fine. The only real crime you can commit in a street protest nowadays is to express a conservative or free-market friendly point of view. Celebrate Diversity!

Update: Not to be outdone, picketing students have attacked counter-protestors at today’s strike in Melbourne.

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