Trust Me, I’m A Doctor

Here’s the latest from the APEC summit – or, as the local kids are calling it – “Bangkok Anal Invasion 2003

BANGKOK – A spat has erupted over medical checks for catering workers at the APEC summit in Thailand, who were required to submit to rectal swabs to determine they are disease-free.

Chefs and waiters at the 16 hotels hosting world leaders attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit have undergone the checks to ensure they are not infected with typhoid or other parasites.

An opposition MP slammed the tests, saying he had received a complaint from an executive at one of the hotels.

Bloody crybaby. Those with clean buttholes have nothing to fear!

See, these guys aren’t worried!

The workers themselves appear to have taken the measure in their stride.

“We have never had rectal swab tests before. This is the first time, but we won’t complain because we know this is a western standard,”

Now what sort of a person would go around telling unsuspecting Thais that having things shoved up your arse is all in a days work in the west?

Round up the usual suspects.

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