Enough “Double Standards” Posts Already

I’ve had about enough of the kind of posts on right-wing blogs which supposedly highlight the double standards of the Left. You know the ones. The ones that go “Today in Nigeria a woman was stoned to death for adultery so WHY ARENT THE LEFT ON THE STREETS PROTESTING ABOUT IT?”. The triumphant conclusion, of course, is that the Left’s babble about human rights and justice is all a hypocritical smokescreen, behind which lurk their true, black-hearted, Stalinist souls. There’s a good example here posted on this very blog by my evil overlord, Yobbo.

By and large, the reasons nobody protests about things like this are so obvious that I can only assume people are ignoring them in favour of cheap point-scoring. Firstly, everyone knows stoning women to death is bad. I don’t see you people out on the streets protesting the deaths of innocent children in Sierra Leone. Obviously you don’t really believe that’s wrong. Secondly, Australians live in Australia and we are allied with America. The Left protests about the actions of Australia and America because those are the places they are supposed to have some control over and share responsibility for. How do you suppose protesting here is going to help the situation in Nigeria, or China?

I was going to post about this eventually anyway, but Greens Senator Bob Brown has given me the perfect opportunity. Whatever you think of Bob (and I think he’s an idiot) you’re going to have to give him credit for this:

Greens Senator Bob Brown says the three Greens members which include himself, Kerry Nettle and Michael Organ will be wearing black armbands to make their views known.

“The Greens, besides our expression of concern for Tibet, will be wearing a black armband to express our concern for those who are imprisoned in China simply because they’ve expressed their democratic right to a political viewpoint or their religious avocation,” he said.

When the issue actually has some current relevance and protesting will make a difference, the Left protests. You see how it works?

Meanwhile, from his home in orbit around Planet Far-Right, John Ray beams us the following transmission:

Australia has come to an agreement with China that looks like the first part of a free-trade agreement. It will be great both for Australia?s prosperity and security but what a dilemma it will pose for the Australian Left! To criticize it will be to criticize a Communist country! Erk! The great Leftist taboo!

Erk! The Left! Criticising a Communist country! That would never happen!

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