Not Your Momma’s Columnist

Andrew Bolt is calling out 50 cent:

WE have laws to keep out hoods like Curtis Jackson – aka rapper 50 Cent – and I can’t understand why they haven’t been used.

Not unless 50 Cent is just another look-at-me big-mouth, as much a gangster as my Aunt Margaret.

In which case our Immigration Department should make him publicly admit he’s a liar and a pussy before letting this convicted American drug dealer in for his December concert.

Andrew seems pretty familiar with 50 cent’s work, as this column contains more rap lyrics than a typical song would. Even Andrew’s words have a certain rhythm to them:

But let’s not have you looking like the dog that didn’t bark, like slack-jawed cardigan wearers blinded by the diamonds on some hood’s ring as he flips you a coke-dusted finger.

This could be the buildup to a BATTLE!

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