More CALM Madness

Why would anyone want to deal with the Department of Conservation and Land Management, ever?

Take for example the case of the Heinrichs, who were pleased to find a rare Wattle tree on their farm in 1982. Like most farmers, they had a conservationist bent, and so rang CALM to let them know of the find.

CALM’s response? They banned the Heinrichs from farming an 810ha section of their own land, in the interests of protecting a supposedly rare tree.

The plant was taken off the endangered list in 1992, about 8 years after CALM worked out they weren’t endangered at all. They never bothered to tell the Heinrichs, though.

The lesson here? If you find a rare or endangered plant or animal on YOUR property, don’t ring CALM. Kill it, and hide the body. After his ordeal, costing him about $1.5 million over 10 years, Merv laments:

“I should have ploughed the Wattles into the ground”.

If only we could do the same to CALM officers.

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