Hu Makes History

Hu Jintao wasn’t stuffing around today when he addressed parliament. With good reason, it seems. Buried in the Hansard comes this latest shot in the history wars:

Back in the 1420’s the expeditionary fleets of China’s Ming dynasty reached Australian shores. For centuries, the Chinese sailed across vast seas and settled down in what was called the “Southern Land”, or today’s Australia.

I’m not sure how many centuries we are talking here. I was under the impression that it was about 1 and a half, but Hu seems to think it’s a fair bit longer than that.

Certainly gives a new meaning to “making history”. The Chinese Communist Party have obviously been taking in more than the safe yearly level of Lyndall Ryan lectures.

The other question that keeps nagging me is: What happened to all those ancient Chinese sailors? All the experts seem to agree that there were only Aborigines here when Cook landed.

Was it…Genocide?

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