Why Do They Hate Us?

Here’s one statistic that has been neglected over this weeks coverage of the so-called “Scarborough Riot

Number of riots in Scarborough this year before “crackdown”: 0
Time taken for riot to start after police start smashing people’s heads through car windows: About 15 seconds.

Mr Ransley says he was pushed face down on to the boot of an unmarked police car and when he lifted his head to ask what he had been arrested for, was forced back down.

“One officer finally had enough of me asking what I was being arrested for and grabbed my head and forced it through the back window,” he said.


Daryl, who did not want to give his last name, said he was sitting on his hotel balcony when he witnessed Mr Ransley’s arrest.

He agreed that police exacerbated the situation by using heavy-handed tactics.

“His face was hard against the window when a policeman pushed his head into it, smashing it.”

WA Police have their very own version of Occam’s Razor to explain this one:

We are saying that he head-butted the window of the car.


Two blokes having a 1 on 1 punch up does not equal a riot. Police arresting onlookers at random and smashing their heads through windows has been known to spark them.

Young people these days have no respect for police. With good fucking reason.

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One Comment on “Why Do They Hate Us?”

  1. Jack Searle Says:

    hey mate just wondering if you still had access to a webpage with this article on it, thanks

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