Sack ‘Em Both

Thousands of girls turned out to see Guy and Shannon from Australian Idol at Forrest Place this Monday – my celebrity obsessed Japanese flatmate being one of them.

Unfortunately for the salivating masses, they stood no real chance. Shannon is married with 2 kids, and Guy (or pubehead, as Caz likes to call him) is some sort of weirdo:

GUY Sebastian has revealed a secret weapon that helps him focus on winning Australian Idol ? his virginity.

The 22-year-old devoted Christian told the Herald Sun that despite girls throwing themselves at him he is sticking with a vow not to have sex before marriage because it makes him a stronger person.

What’s wrong with these guys? Why would you want to be a celebrity if you don’t plan on having a bit of fun? This is the best argument for voting for Millsy that I’ve seen yet. At least he wouldn’t have wasted his stardom trying to be some kind of male Britney.

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