If you were thinking that PETA were a bunch of absolutely raving mad freakozoid nutballs, this post won’t do anything to change your mind.

Israellycool (who has moved to like everyone else in the world) digs up this heartfelt letter to Yasser Arafat from PETA Founder Ingrid Newkirk.

Here is a quick paraphrasing for those who can’t be bothered reading:

PETA: Hi Yasser kill all the jews you want but pls don’t kill the poor donkeys anymore. The donkeys didn’t do anything (not like jews). Also the Vietnam war was bad cos puppies died. tks bye luv PETA.

PETA sucks.

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One Comment on “PETArds”

  1. Mule Says:

    PETA are not just fruit cakes, they are down right dangerous. We are living in a high tech, high standard of living dictatorship. Part of the thought police, don’t think for yourself, brainwashing is the unsavory alliance of animal welfare and environmentalists. PETA is one of the more extreme, letting neither truth nor reason stand in their way. Goebbels and Stalin would be proud. Governments need to stop funding these pieces of crap. People who donate to them should hang their heads in shame. Make these fuck wits get a job like the rest of us have to. Till then all dinkum Aussies need to eat meat and wear wool.

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